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Blogger Simona’s Kitchen drew inspiration from Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Terre di Grifonetto to create this exquisite dish: faux risotto in Roman cabbage cream. The ingredients were rigorously selected after careful consideration in Florence during the Taste event.

The full recipe can be found at:


  • 70-80 gr of Pasta Gentile ‘Riso di Grano’ (per serving)
  • 1 1/2 liters of vegetable broth (or Roman cabbage cooking water)
  • 1 medium Roman cabbage
  • Terre di Grifonetto Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Few flakes of black Cyprus salt (optional)

Cook the cabbage in plenty of slightly salted water.

When cooked, set aside some sprigs that we will use for decoration.

Blend the rest, leaving some cooking water aside.

Bring to a boil and add the pasta, cooking it.

Gradually add the cooking water or vegetable broth.

Once cooked, let it cool and serve, adjusting the salt and adding a drizzle of raw oil.

If desired, you can present it as in the photo, using a pastry cutter and decorating with the reserved sprigs and a light Parmesan Reggiano béchamel.

Drizzle with a few drops of raw oil and flakes of Falksalt black Cyprus salt.

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