Monocultivar 100% italian | Extra virgin olive oil


Vintage: 2023
Cultivar: Dolce Agogia
Color: light green with golden reflections
Smell: herbaceous fruity with a delicate scent of freshly cut grass and lettuce
Taste: Delicate. In the mouth, it is restrained and soft. The light bitter notes and the gradually increasing spiciness finish with soft and almond tones.

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Format: dark glass bottle 500ml or 750ml with anti-drip cap.
Harvest period: in the month of October
Harvesting system: hand-picking and with mechanical facilitators
Milling method: continuous cycle plant, cold extraction
Storage method: store the product in a cool place, away from sources of light and heat.

Perfect for seafood appetizers, fish carpaccio, first courses with mollusks or crustaceans, grilled vegetables, fried vegetables, soft fresh cheeses, biscuits, and baked sweets.

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Packaging features: patented anti-breakage packaging in cardboard.

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750ml, 500ml