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On December 15, 2011, at the National Gallery of Umbria, Palazzo dei Priori in Perugia, the Terre di Grifonetto project was presented.


Andrea Cernicchi, Councilor for Cultural Activities of the Municipality of Perugia

Fabio De Chirico, Superintendent for Historical, Artistic, and Ethnoanthropological Heritage of Umbria

Maria Rita Mantovani Cucchia, President of the Umbria delegation of AIDDA


Sergio Sacchi, Professor of Economic Policy, University of Perugia


Tiziana Biganti, Superintendence for Historical, Artistic, and Ethnoanthropological Heritage of Umbria, Art and food contaminations: the example of Raphael’s Grifonetto.

Angela Canale, Agronomist and consultant for Terre di Grifonetto, The art of tasting oil: a pleasure full of surprises.

Angelica Pistelli, Terre di Grifonetto Manager, The “Terre di Grifonetto” project

Stefano Caliandro, Creative Director of Gusto I.D.S., Communicating excellence in the modern territories of the web.

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