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“Terre di Grifonetto: when oil becomes a work of art” – Article on L’agricoltore

The official debut on December 15th at the National Gallery of Umbria in Perugia. But behind the “Terre di Grifonetto” oil, there is above all a successful blend of art, history, and territorial marketing.

Credit goes to two women, Francesca Cassano and Angelica Pistelli, mother and daughter, at the helm of the “Terre di Grifonetto” company in Montemelino, on the hills of Trasimeno. They are united by the same passion and respect for the type of agriculture that makes room for the new by combining history and innovation.

Behind it all is the value of a tradition expressed at its best by the family agricultural company, founded by Francesca’s father, Cosimo Cassano, a professor of Agricultural Economics and Politics at the Faculty of Agriculture in Perugia. After his passing, the baton passed to Francesca, already a student of art history, who took on a direct operational and managerial role.

Then came the idea, with the help of Angelica, to start a new entrepreneurial project linked to the world of extra virgin olive oil, focusing strongly on the excellence of the product and communication. Grifonetto Baglioni was chosen as the symbol of the extraordinary cultural and artistic heritage of our territory, excellently depicted in Raphael’s “Deposition.”

The inevitable juxtaposition of the agri-food wealth of a region (the lands of Grifonetto, the hills of Trasimeno) with its history, and therefore art, takes shape and substance even in design—captivating and innovative—where beauty, goodness, and quality acquire the deserved meaning.

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