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An initiative dedicated to olive oil and women, the seasoning of life!

In the green heart of Italy, Umbria, where olive growing is the environment, landscape, and tourism, an event strongly desired by the President and founder of the National Association of Home Cooks, Maria Elena Curzio, will take place during the annual meeting. The aim is to raise awareness among the members/cooks and open new horizons with local industry operators.

The association’s intention, in line with its founding purpose, is to involve institutions and local businesses, enhance excellence, and offer their professionalism to promote the territory, its history, and traditions.

Women and oil, for an informed choice: The Tasting Course.

During the day, Angela Canale, Chief Panel Agronomist, will provide the association members with an important training session to learn how to taste extra virgin olive oil. The course will help in choosing the right oil and the best pairing to enhance different dishes.

In particular, some typical Umbrian oils will accompany the following menu:

  • Fresh pasta with wild herbs and cherry tomatoes paired with “Podere le Corone” oil
  • Marinated soup paired with “Terre di Grifonetto” oil
  • Polenta, bread, and focaccia paired with “Azienda Agraria Dante Sambuchi” oil
  • Ricotta with basil flavor
  • Ricotta with lavender flavor

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