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June 8, 2012 – Article on Terre di Grifonetto in the latest issue of Agrisole, the weekly publication of Il Sole 24 Ore in the agricultural and agri-food sector.

“Investments in communication to exploit all potentials.”

It’s all reborn in a feminine way and inspired by art and the territory of belonging, Trasimeno, an area in Umbria always dedicated to quality olive growing. Terre di Grifonetto is the name of this reality and also the project that Francesca Cassano, along with her daughter Angelica, is carrying forward.

“We wanted to believe in the renewal by giving a new direction to the family business – explains the Umbrian producer – identifying the production of extra virgin with an image that refers to a painting by Raphael.” The turnaround resulted in an investment aimed at improving product communication, an element that apparently is becoming increasingly important for marketing extra virgin olive oil.

“We have invested a lot in this field – continues Francesca Cassano – aware that the competition in this sector is really high, and often quality alone is not enough to promote the product.” It is not easy for a young person to dedicate themselves to this sector, but neither is it impossible.

“We believe that ours is like any other business, and the olive oil sector has great potential – says the producer – that’s why my daughter also believes a lot in this project.” It’s precisely Angelica, the youngest in the company, who takes care of it.

“The bottle needs to be narrated – says the young entrepreneur – and to do that, it is necessary to invest a lot in travel and direct relationships with customers.” From the 11 hectares of olive trees, three labels are produced, one of which is the monocultivar “Dolce Agogia.”

What is the future of the company? “To invest more in communication and packaging – concludes Francesca Cassano – without forgetting that there must be a quality product inside the bottle.”

Alessandro Maurilli

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