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Origin of the Name

History and Passion

To inspire the brand’s name is a fascinating protagonist from the glorious Renaissance history of Perugia, Grifonetto Baglioni, chosen today as a symbol of the extraordinary cultural and artistic heritage of our territory. Grifonetto is not evoked here solely for his belonging to the then most powerful and prestigious Perugian family. What makes him assume an emblematic role is, in fact, the close relationship he shares with the figure of Raphael Sanzio, who portrayed him in the central character of the Deposition (1507), now housed in the Borghese Gallery in Rome but once displayed in the church of S. Francesco al Prato in Perugia. The painting, set against the backdrop of the typical hills of the Umbrian landscape, was commissioned by Atalanta Baglioni, eager to honor the memory of her beautiful son Grifonetto.
What better character, then, to encapsulate in the name and label of the brand the passion, richness, and beauty of Umbria, the “land of condottieri and men-at-arms and at the same time, of saints and artists”?